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Meatballs February 16, 2010

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I happen to love meatballs. They work with a lot of things, and are really simple to make. Here’s my take on them.
I vary the recipe a little from time to time, the basic recipe is very simple:

  • Ground beef
  • Seasoning

I use barbecue spice for seasoning. I simply knead the ground beef until it’s come together, and then I start making balls, rolling them in my hands to make them all rounded and nice. I fry them in a pan with olive oil until they start to get the deep dark color I like. I usually fry them under a lid, which keeps them from going dry. I also tend to deglace the pan, either with beer or with water, depending on how I serve the meatballs.
The variations I have entail adding one or more of the following, and adding an egg, and at times a bit of plain flour, to bind it all:

  • Sweet pepper
  • Corn
  • Onion

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