Wonders from our little kitchen

Panda and Trampe sharing their recipes with the world

About February 16, 2010

Panda and Trampe are married, and love cooking together. They both define themselves as foodies, and love experiencing new and exciting foods. This is where they’re going to collect their recipes, for their own reference, and for everyone else to enjoy.


Panda is a photographer and homemaker at heart, and loves making food for her friends and family. She tends towards planned cooking, and loves the planning aspect of it, writing long lists with very specific wishes for ingredients.


Trampe is a computer tech by day and geek of all trades by night. He’s been cooking since he can’t remember when, and loves it. He tends towards spontaneous cooking, and only rarely makes meals that require planning and a lot of cooking time.

The recipes

The recipes are divided into many tags and categories. Most speak to main ingredients and so on. All of them also have one or two of the following:

  • Parve – recipes that contain no milk or meat (though some of them might suggest adding milk or meat)
  • Meat – Recipes that contain meat
  • Milk – Recipes that contain milk