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Refreshing drinks for summer June 29, 2015

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Summertime is a time for sitting outside in the sun, enjoying some cold drinks. Here are three of my favorites:

Cold brew coffee:

Take one part coffee to ten parts water (by weight), grind the coffee like you would for a french press. Mix the water and coffee well in a carafe, and set in the refrigerator for ten to eighteen hours. Remove the grounds with a fine mesh sieve, filtering through paper if you so desire. Taste, and dilute with water as needed. Reserve in a cold place until ready to serve.

Cold brew tea:

Take twenty five grams of tea to one liter of water. Mix, and leave in the refrigerator to steep (steeping time will depend on the tea you choose; start out with an hour, and work from there). Remove the grounds, then taste and dilute as needed. Reserve in a cold place until ready to serve; serve with slices of lemon or lime.

Chef John’s Watermelon Aqua fresca:

Remove the rind from a half watermelon, placing the flesh into a blender. Add half a liter of water, and blend until liquefied. Strain out the pulp, and reserve in a cold place until ready to serve. I also recommend adding a very small amount of simple syrup, which really brings the flavor together.

For all of these, I like to serve with a bottle of simple syrup, to allow the guests to sweeten their drinks to taste. Enjoy, keep cool and hydrated, and have a great summer!